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EAST 2023 Spring Volunteer Update

Welcome! We’re sure you are all raring to get going with EAST again, maybe if you’re one of our newer volunteers with a little trepidation at what you have let yourself in for!

To help you decide which training and sailing sessions you would like to book in for, here is a guide.

Sailing sessions:

General sessions for adult individual sailors.

Usually a very inclusive bunch with a wide age and ability range, from enthusiastic older ex sailors often with mobility issues who love a good sail and chat, to younger people with learning or physical disabilities who enjoy the experience and social interaction.

Activities on the water may include, depending on tide, weather conditions and of course the sailors, sailing a course around buoys, a race on a course, a gentle sail up or down river…..

These sessions are:

Tuesday afternoons 1.15pm to 4.30pm (times for volunteers)

Tuesday evenings 5.15pm to 8pm ish

Wednesday afternoons 1.15pm to 4.30pm

Saturday mornings 09:00 to 12:30 Young EAST Sailors

Saturday afternoons fortnightly starting (13/5/23)12.45pm to 4pm. This session also welcomes young people.

Sessions for children and young people

Junior sailing; aged from 10 to 18 yrs old:

Saturday mornings or afternoons fortnightly

Those youngsters who may have an interest in doing some basic sail training possibly for RYA awards are encouraged to come on Saturday mornings fortnightly starting 13/5/23

Youngsters with more complex needs tend to come to the fortnightly Saturday afternoon sessions as above.

Group sessions

Discoverers: Thursday mornings 9.30am to 12.30pm.

These are taster sessions for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in primary and secondary schools, coming with teachers and assistants during term time. One school per session, includes some exploration, nature work as well as a short sail.

A fairly consistent group of volunteers would be great to get a good routine in place.

Neurodiversity group: fortnightly on Wednesday mornings 9.30am to 12.30pm.

This group is for neurodiverse young people who are not able to attend school currently. They may have a wide range of visible or invisible differences, including autism, adhd, anxiety, dyspraxia etc. Suffolk Family Carers are nominating and funding the young people, who will be attending individually. Hopefully some of the young people will enjoy learning some sailing skills and all will receive a certificate for 6 sessions from 10/05/23.

EAST summer project: summer school holiday, Thursdays, 9.30am until 1.30pm.

Young people from Felixstowe School who are disadvantaged or disabled are coming in groups for a sailing plus session which includes having lunch!

These will be supported by EAST so would like volunteers to be comfortable around young people. See neurodiversity training below.

Papworth Trust Groups

Papworth 1 group: fortnightly on Thursday afternoons 12.30pm to 3pm.

These are younger people with moderate learning disabilities coming with staff, who are really enthusiastic about their regular sailing with us, having come for sessions last year. They will have their lunch and then have a shorter sail. We are hoping that some will be able to do a Sailability award.

Papworth 2 group: monthly on Wednesday mornings: a new group of sailors from Papworth who may have slightly more complex needs? Taster sessions.

Training Sessions:

Saturday 25th March there is our refresher day starting with:-

The Skippers meeting at 9.15-11.00

Hoist training from 11.00-12.00 essential for everyone, especially for Tues/Wed/Sat sessions, good to refresh skills too.

Lunch available from the galley

VHF refresher 13.00-14.30

Session Admin 14.30-16.00 available to any volunteer who would like to be an admin person and to any existing admin volunteers who want a refresher.

Please book on the booking system if you are able to attend.

Shakedown sailing: various sessions: see calendar and book sessions online. Ideal for everyone including new volunteers and old hands!

Upskilling: similarly good for everyone, you’ll know what you have forgotten or need to learn or relearn!

Saturday 15th April: 10am to 12pm. Neurodiversity training, behavioural needs morning: especially important if you are working with the Discoverers, the neurodiverse group, and EAST summer project. Relevant however to all age groups. Dr Annie Clements is the expert and very interesting trainer. Book now via the booking system in the menu above.

Saturday 1st April: Power Boat Upskilling, 9am to 5pm

For volunteers with RYA Level 2 Powerboat a chance to refresh and refine skills.

Saturday 20th May: general Upskilling/Seamanship practical,

9.30am to4.30pm.

More training information can be found in the training newsletter. See


All sessions and training courses can be booked online using the bookings button on the menu above. You will need to be a current member, and have your membership number and postcode handy.


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