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The Galley

EAST's galley service open at all EAST sailing sessions, offering good quality homemade Healthy meals, snacks and refreshments, all at reasonable prices!

Food can be ordered upon arrival, and will be prepared while you are out on the water; something delicious to look forward to upon your return to the Waterside Community Centre.

Main Meals


Homemade Specials


Jacket Potatoes with either Baked Beans,

Grated Cheddar or Tuna mayonnaise.                                                               

Filled Omelettes with either Grated Cheese,

Mushrooms, tomato, mixed peppers, served

With a salad garnish.                                           


All day Breakfast: Cracknel Sausage, Bacon Rashers,

Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, Hash Browns, Baked Beans and Egg.                                                  


Homemade Soup served with thick cut Granary Bread.                 


4oz Beef Burger or Cheese Burger served in a sesame bun.

Chips and salad garnish.                                                                                     



Thick cut Granary Sandwich or Panini, with either Grated Cheese, Grated Cheese and Tomato, Grated Cheese and Pickle, Ham, Ham and Pickle, Ham & Tomato or Grilled Bacon.                


Toasted Sandwiches

50/50 sliced bread with either Grated Cheese,

Grated Cheese and Tomato, Ham, Ham & Tomato or Grilled Bacon.                                                                                                        

Fish Finger Baguette served with salad garnish.      

Homemade Cakes

Hot Beverages                                                          


Speciality Tea                                                                                                Coffee                             

Speciality Coffee

(Americano, Cappuccino, Latte)      

Cold Drinks


Bottled Water



Your Galley needs your help

Do you know anyone who would be able to help us on a regular basis in the Galley? The galley crew play a vital part in ensuring our sailors and volunteers are fed during our sailing sessions and maintenance days. 
There will be training given (we won’t drop you in at the deep end), so if you can help, or know of anyone who may be interested, please get get in touch with us at: as we would love to hear from you.

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