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EAST 2022 Cruise Reports

Our 2022 cruises. Skippered by volunteer yacht owners and crewed with a mix of visually impaired and sighted crew.


















Tanya is on the helm. Tanya is an experienced visually impaired crew on EAST cruises. Leesa is a new visually impaired crew and Mark is the skipper on board. Mark has skippered and crewed on many, many EAST cruises. 

May 2022 Taster Cruise 6th to 8th
9 yachts
12 VI crew
Admiral of Cruise Ian Jewry
Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington, to overnight in Ipswich Marina via a sea passage to Stone Banks.
Ipswich Marina back to S Y H via a picnic in The Stour whilst rafted up at anchor.

June 10th to 13th Cruise 2022 
10 yachts
13 VI crew
Admiral of Cruise Trevor Williams
Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Bradwell overnight.
Bradwell to Shotley overnight.  
Shotley with a free day sailing back to S Y H.


September 2nd to 9th 2022
6 yachts but one dropped out the evening before the cruise.
9 VI crew but we had to cancel one because one yacht dropped out.
Admiral of the cruise John Maxwell
Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Brightlingsea overnight
Brightlingsea to Queenborough overnight
Queenborough to Gillingham on Medway overnight
Day on Medway
Bradwell overnight
Bradwell to Titchmarsh overnight
Titchmarsh back to S Y H 

The EAST fleet are tied up at Queenborough

Heading 1

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