VI cruising for all. Dot Marsden

The crew of Canyelles joined the fleet for the first weekend of the season 13th-16th May 2016. Layla joined us, having heard about VI cruising from another EAST member. She had sailed a dinghy as a teenager but that was 70 years ago. We had a wonderful weekend. Layla participated in every aspect of life on board from navigation, using the radio, domestic duties and as you can see is quite at home on the helm. We enjoyed her company and look forward to seeing her many photos taken over the weekend. Canyelles crew continued to sail with EAST participating in “Push the boat out week” We gave the opportunity to have a” taster sail” to six people. On Friday we had the pleasure of taking Doris and her daughter Chris for a lively sail. Doris was an experience sailor. She sailed with her husband from Pin Mill. Sadly had not had the opportunity to sail for over 25 years and welcomed the chance to try again. Doris is 95 and as you see from the picture is competently helming in blustery conditions. She enjoyed the experience and has booked Canyelles and crew for her 100th birthday celebrations. We look forward to that. This proves you are never too old to enjoy sailing with the EAST VI cruising fleet, come and join us.

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