Not just for Geeks...I-phone and Android phone/tablet user tips.

Whereas most people access the website with a PC - or even an expensive Mac, a few use a smartphone or tablet - or even one of the latest generation Phablets (big phones).

When using a phone or low resolution tablet (kindle fire, my personal preference) then the device will display either the Mobile phone version of the app, or the desktop version, depending on the screen resolution and webmasters whim.

The only issue here is that the mobile phone version doesn't have all the content, So if you want to display the desktop version of the website, proceed as follows.

For android and kindle users:

In the chrome browser, or silk if using Kindle, click the three dots in the task bar - you'll then get the menu as shown and you can check the box "Desktop Site"


For IOS devices (ipads and phones):

In safari, open the East website and then click the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

You will then get a bunch of options. Scroll to the right until you see an icon called "Request Desktop Site"

So that's it - these should work on all websites - if you don't like the mobile site you can easily jump to the desktop version.

Here is the apple screenshot.

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