EAST September cruise

The EAST September cruise is going ahead and we would like to invite all those that cannot make the cruise to join us for our End of Cruise Supper on Friday 10th September

It will be a 2 course meal in The Harbour Room at Levington.

7pm for 7.30pm.

There will be a pop up bar with fine wines and a barrel or so of good beer.

The price will be a standard pub meal price.

We will be entertained by a superb local guitar based band, The Frestonians. Foot tapping or even a bit of dancing will be hard to resist.

Please can you let me know by Monday 30th August by email. cruisingsec@e-a-s-t.org.uk

Very best wishes


01394 272677

The Frestonians

We are a 3 piece guitar band based in Suffolk playing covers and original songs

Our covers includes songs by The Cure, Nirvana, James, The Pixies, The Who, The Alarm, REM

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