Clear blue sky, bright sunshine, 2 reefs & gusting F4/5. How far could we get!!!

Last Saturday saw a spin off from recent training sessions, of three sonars completing a "training day sail" under a blue sky and challenging winds. Setting off from Levington, with tide and wind in our favour, the plan was to reach Ipswich by around midday.

For a number of us this would be the furthest that we had sailed with EAST, a voyage of hidden surprises and a test of our sailing skills.

Sailing up river and under the Orwell bridge, passing Fox's marina and into the port of Ipswich, the flotilla, well three sonars and a safety boat, arrived at our planned destination. We moored up alongside the lock gate waiting pontoon, to stretch legs and have lunch. Our chief bosun said "could there have been a better day to sail up to the Ipswich lock waiting pontoon for lunch. Probably not except the Chief Bosun had left his tuck box and thermos in the trolley at SYH and had to scrounge off the DI!"

Suitably refreshed and relaxed it was time to head back to SYH to end what one skipper described as "An enjoyable day training in challenging conditions at times, with a good group of people. Thanks to all that helped make the day a success."

Fingers crossed below is a gallery of selected photos taken during the day.

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