Be part of the RYA Sail Activity programme

Jane Ellison, the Eastern Region Disability Development officer for the RYA has been in touch asking for our help with the Sailactivity programme, from both volunteers and sailors.

Sailactivity is an online survey that will prove how boating activities are reducing inactivity for disabled people and impacting on people's social connections, the skills they learn and their well-being.

Jane's actively trying to encourage both sailors and volunteers at EAST to sign up to this programme. If you haven’t already signed up please click the link to join the initiative. The ideas is that each time you attend a session you answer 4 quick questions online. If you don’t like or are unable to use a computer to register and log activity there will be hard copy forms available at EAST for you. You will then be emailed a very short survey every 3mths

You can sign up to help by clicking here



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