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This is Issue 21 dated Spring 2020

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Chairman’s Message

Normally at this time of year we are all looking forward to welcoming our Disabled and Disadvantaged Sailors back to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of getting back out on the water, with both VI Cruising and Keelboat sections launching their fleet and planning a summer of sailing in local waters and further afield.

As you are all very much aware 2020 is turning out to be a very different year and at the time of writing this message it is still not clear if or when we will be able to resume our activities in the way we all look forward to and enjoy.

However in spite of the fact that we are not able to meet up and enjoy the face to face social interaction and activity we are all used to, you will be pleased to hear that some things are still ticking over in the background at EAST. Various virtual meetings of members are taking place on Zoom and there is a Regular Weekly EAST Zoom quiz on Wednesday evenings. This is a continuation of Andrew’s regular keelboat Quiz but is open to all EAST members, it’s a short 40 minute session but also provides a brief opportunity for members to have a natter and catch up with any EAST scandal, it is also used to hold the monthly 100 Club Draw on the last Wednesday of the month.

At the Trustees Virtual meeting held on Thursday 21st May although some restrictions on lockdown are being lifted nationally, it was agreed that due to the strict social distancing rules and other restrictions remaining in force for the immediate future it is unlikely that we will be able to resume disabled sailing sessions both for VI cruising and Keelboats in 2020.

There is a possibility that some restricted maintenance sessions can be organised and volunteers who normally participate will be canvassed to see if this is a practical proposition, there are still some tasks to be completed both on boats and in our premises. Also the social team have been asked to see if it will be practical to organise an outdoor BBQ for Sailors & Volunteers during July or August.

The Trustees have agreed to look at the practicality of launching two Sonars along with East Support during July to enable some limited Volunteer Training to take place and to practice what may be possible if Social distancing rules ease later this year.

Our AGM at the end of February was well attended by members, Tim Thomas stepped down as a Trustee having held various positions over the years including those of Chairman and two spells as Treasurer, Geoff Dreher took over as Treasurer and Tom Clayton together with John Maxwell and Peter Hudson were elected as Trustees. Some training updates were completed before the lockdown and we managed to hold a well attended Volunteers Thank You Evening in March before the lockdown measures were imposed. The EAST Website is proving a very useful and well used medium helping to keep members in touch and updated with some new and innovative features encouraging members to participate.

While currently the charity is financially sound with healthy reserves, some of our traditional funding sources continue to dry up and new ones more difficult to find, the situation is likely to become more challenging in the immediate future. While most members have contributed by paying their annual membership fees on time, income from sailing fees, galley sales and social events are currently non existent, our fundraising team are busy looking for possible new ways to provide us with sustainable income in the future. At the same time we are committed to regular expenditure on such things as insurance, property rent and maintenance costs to ensure the charity can continue to function and meet our stated aims of providing sailing opportunities and experiences to disadvantaged young people and adults with a wide range of disabilities.

I am sorry to report that we have recently lost two of our Adult members due to the Corona Virus, Paul Trudgett, and Jack Biggins, both keen well respected and popular local sailors and members of EAST, who will be sadly missed from the regular afternoon Keelboat sailing group and by their many friends at EAST.

We also sadly report the loss of Anne Hayward to a long term illness. Anne was the wife of Nick Hayward, and occasionally helped out in the Galley. Nick is a regular member of the Keelboat maintenance crew.

Messages of condolence have been sent to their families on behalf of EAST.

Hopefully by the time we publish our next Points EAST, things will have started to improve and we will all be looking forward to returning to some kind of normality, but I suspect it will be different from what we have become used to in the past.

Keep Safe Everyone.

Allistair Renton EAST Chairman


For an update on the current situation

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Upbeat about EAST!


On December 6th and 7th 2019, the Grundisburgh “UPBEAT" Ladies Choir undertook two Christmas performances at St Mary's Church, Grundisburgh.

Every year the choir choose two local charities to support throughout the year and EAST was fortunate enough to be selected for 2019. During 2019 a number of concerts took place culminating in the final Christmas events. As well as the two concerts a Grand raffle took place on both evenings and the Grundisburgh School Choir and other local musicians also joined the event.

On February 6th 2020, Simon Daws was invited to the first rehearsal of 2020 to receive a cheque of £1000 on behalf of EAST.

Our grateful thanks to the Choir leader, Carol Jopling, and the amazing “UPBEAT" choir for supporting EAST with this marvellous donation.


Be part of the RYA Sailactivity programme

Jane Ellison, the Eastern Region Disability Development officer for the RYA has been in touch asking for our help with the Sailactivity programme, from both volunteers and sailors.

Sailactivity is an online survey that will prove how boating activities are reducing inactivity for disabled people and impacting on people's social connections, the skills they learn and their well-being.

Jane's actively trying to encourage both sailors and volunteers at EAST to sign up to this programme. If you haven’t already signed up please join the initiative. The ideas is that each time you attend a session you answer 4 quick questions online. If you don’t like or are unable to use a computer to register and log activity there will be hard copy forms available. You will then be emailed a very short survey every 3 months.

The RYA have agreed to donate £800 to EAST for assisting with this national programme, so members who participate will be contributing towards this donation. Participation in virtual meetings, maintenance and or training sessions as well as actual sailing will qualify as active participation.

You can sign up to join the programme at



2 New Sonars

In late November 2 of EAST’s Bosuns travelled to the family home of Hannah Stodel the Paralympic sailor. She had three second hand Sonar keelboats for sale which had been sailed in the 2004,2008 and 2012 Paralympics.

The three boats were shoe-horned into a large ancient barn and most of the morning was spent examining them with a view to purchase. Our friends, the Woolverstone Project, were also there looking to buy one boat.

Having liked what we saw, a price was negotiated over the following few weeks. Hannah arranged for the two boats we had purchased to be delivered to Suffolk Yacht Harbour after Christmas. However the preparations to deliver the new boats was not helped by the stormy and windy weather we had in January and February.

The addition of these boats to our fleet, will increase our capacity for disabled sailors by 8 places per session, and ensure that EAST goes from strength to strength...so we will be looking to train more competent crew and skippers this season and will be relying on all our volunteers to make this happen!


And a New Sailor Hoist

Last season, It became obvious, that we have a real bottle-neck when several hoist using sailors have to be lifted on board in any one session....this is because the boat has to be aligned with the hoist mounted on the pontoon.

To relieve the congestion and need for manually shifting boats alongside the hoist, we decided to purchase a second hydraulically powered hoist to be mounted on the long pontoon near the first hoist.

This will enable us to load two Sonars simultaneously with the resultant saving in time, and removing the hanging about for the sailors and crew.

Bidfood Ltd have donated £5000 towards the hoist and their Marketing Director Dr Andy Kemp is looking forward to attending the commissioning ceremony once it is installed and ready for use (which may not now be until next year.)

Bidfood is an international ethical food supply and distribution company and the Marketing Director is a personal friend of Peter Pink, one of our Adult Sailors.

Suffolk Community Foundation have also donated £2000 towards the project and Suffolk Yacht Harbour have generously agreed to install the hoist on the pontoon at no cost to EAST, so effectively making another substantial donation towards the overall cost of £10,000. Our thanks also go to Lynn Mash, who has kindly made the canvas cover for the hoist.







We are at : Films.Intruders.Slippery

What is that all about?

Films.Intruders.Slippery is our What3Words location.

What3Words is a really simple, and precise, way to talk about location. Each 3m square in the world has been assigned a unique 3 word address that will never change. What3Word addresses are easy to say and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates. The w3w addresses are more accurate than Post Codes; a Post Code will give you a street location, w3w will give you the specific door of a building. w3w addresses are being used to direct emergency services to an exact location.

As with most things these days there is an app that can be downloaded. This has use, for example, when meeting someone at a venue and the precise location needs to be unambiguous.

For further information visit



How Green is EAST?

In 2010 the EAST Trustees made the decision to fit an array of solar panels on the roof of the new East Waterside Community Centre that was due to open the following year. These panels have provided electricity for much of EAST activities over the last decade.

About the same time a member of EAST donated air sourced heating and air-conditioning units to the charity so that the main training and social areas could be heated and cooled without any great expense, bearing in mind that the electricity was often being supplied from the solar panels on the roof.

Over the last decade 1,000 or more local disabled and disadvantaged schoolchildren have been able to explore not only sailing on the river, but get an introduction to the area of outstanding natural beauty with the help of educators provided by Suffolk wildlife trust.

The charity will continue with this green agenda in the new decade. EAST delivers programmes of sailing and other activities for adults and children with disabilities to help improve their skills and confidence.

Will you join the team of volunteers who deliver these activities?


New Editor of Points EAST Required

I have given the EAST Trustees notice that I will be stepping down from my role of editor of Points EAST at the 2021 AGM. Therefore we are seeking a volunteer to replace me.

The role of editor is not onerous, and nominally requires a few days effort twice a year laying out the current issue, plus a few emails seeking input from fellow EAST volunteers.

We are looking for someone to shadow me in the production of the next issue of Points EAST and then take the task on. Whoever takes on the role will not be left ‘up a creek without a paddle’ as I will be retaining my other EAST role and will be available to give advice and support if required.


If you know of anybody interested my contact details are newsletter@e-a-s-t.org.uk

Bill Price

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