Essential Reading for Crew 2019

2019 INFORMATION FOR CREW - essential reading for those contemplating sailing with EAST

READ THIS document BEFORE you complete the Cruise Application form



a) dates and prices

i) Taster day for members and non-members: no charge; 10th May

ii) Long weekend: £75* Friday evening 10 May to lunchtime Monday 13 May.

iii) Taster day for members and non-members: no charge; 31st May

iv) Taster weekend: £50* : Friday evening 31 May to lunchtime Sun 2 June (intended for VI people who have never sailed before)

v) 8-day cruise: £200: Friday evening 6 Sept to Sat lunchtime 14 Sept.

*Add £3 per night for returner temporary membership. See MEMBERSHIP below


2) DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS: cruises could be oversubscribed so early application is recommended

Deadline for May 2019: 1st April

Deadline for June 2019: 20th April

Deadlines for September 2019: Deposit of £100: 1st July Balance in full: 1st August


3) HOW TO APPLY: Read the whole of this document “Information for Crew” and then a) FOR TASTER DAYS: email Trevor Williams : Formal application and medical details not necessary.

b) FOR WEEKENDS AND 8-DAY CRUISE contact Cruise Co-ordinator: Anne Williams, 18 The Mariners, MarineParade, HARWICH, Essex, CO12 3RL. email: mob: 07868226604


Complete ALL the following documents and post to the address above

(1) Cruise application form

(2) Medical Questionnaire

(3) Data Protection Consent Agreement: If not already completed

(4) Membership Form if not already completed

(5) Your cheque unless paying by direct transfer. See Payment Method below


4) PAYMENT METHOD: (see also How to Apply above)

b) By bank transfer: to CAF Bank, Sort Code 40-52-40. Account number 00020947 using your own name as a reference followed by the month/months of the cruise applied for

c) By cheque: payable to EAST and post to Cruise Co-ordinator



a) Taster days: for first timers including non-members- no membership application necessary

b) Cruises: EAST offers cruises only to members

i) First timer weekend cruise: special concession of free temporary membership is allowed

ii) Returners: for one weekend only may pay a temporary membership of £3 per night

iii) 8-day cruise: offered only to full members. See website for more information.



a) Contribution to boat kitty: all crew are asked to contribute £25 per night which pays for the costs of the trip (see also application form)

b) Included in this contribution are all boat expenses incurred during the trip such as berthing costs, fuel, first night meal in the EAST centre, all other meals and drinks taken on board

c) Payment to be sent to Cruise co-ordinator with application. See application form for more details

d) Refunds: Money will only be refunded without any further liability:

i) If no placement can be found

ii) if a boat is withdrawn and its crew cannot be accommodated on another boat

iii) if you withdraw more than 14 days before the event

iv) Travel to and from the boat is not included. Any additional transport costs in the event of the boat becoming stranded away from home port are not included.



a) be at least 18 years of age

b) be an EAST member. See above for membership terms

c) be healthy and fairly agile. (See medical section below)

d) for a taster day or weekend no sailing experience is required

e) for a 3-day ‘weekend’ priority will be given to those with some experience

f) for the Summer cruise prior experience with EAST is essential, eg a taster weekend.

g) the organisers reserve the right to decide whether “prior experience” is appropriate.



a) EAST is a charity not a commercial enterprise

b) The Cruising with VIPs section started in 1993 and is run entirely by volunteers

c) EAST does not run courses nor offer instruction but provides an opportunity for VIP’s as well as sighted crew to enjoy the experience of sailing whilst learning new skills at the same time



a) Yachts are privately owned and all different, ranging from approximately 8 to 14 meters in length accommodating 3 to 6 people.

b) Water: All yachts have a WC (using sea water) and basin, some have a shower but showers are normally taken when visiting a marina due to limited supply of water on board

c) Electricity: mains power is only available when in a marina IF the yacht has this facility.

d) Crew live and sleep on the boat, which could be at anchor or on a buoy or in a marina.

e) Meals could be at irregular intervals

f) The success of each cruise is dependent on crew being adaptable and willing to participate.

g) Boat complement comprises a skipper, one, two or three sighted crew and one or two VI crew. The crew may be mixed gender.

h) Yachts will all sail to the same destination and crews aim to meet in the evenings

i) Allocation of places: every effort will be made to find you a place but this cannot be guaranteed until the number of boats is known.

j) After crew have been matched to boats the skipper will contact crew members to discuss various details regarding travel, food dislikes, etc.


10) CRUISES starting and finishing:

a) cruises start and end at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington, near Ipswich

i) Start time: about 6pm on the 1st day to meet the rest of your crew, stow gear followed by communal 1st evening meal at 7pm in the East Waterside Community Centre

ii) Finish time: usually around lunchtime on the last day.

b) before booking tickets please discuss travel with your allocated skipper

c) Transport from Ipswich to Suffolk Yacht Harbour can be arranged for those using public transport if arrival in Ipswich is between 1630 and 1800.



a) Participants do so at their own risk and neither owners, skippers, sighted crew nor EAST can accept any liability for loss, damage or injury.

b) Participants are recommended to take out appropriate personal insurance.

c) Participants are responsible for their own property including valuables

d) Crew must comply with all safety instructions.

e) Life jackets: EAST policy recommends that life jackets be worn at all times when underway or when walking on pontoons. This does not apply when below deck.

f) The Skipper’s word is final.

g) Guide dogs cannot be accommodated

h) For safety reasons we can only accommodate persons who are agile enough to climb on or off the boat without a lot of assistance.

i) Boats are no smoking areas although some skippers may allow smoking on deck


12) MEDICAL AND HEALTH INFORMATION: you must complete the medical questionnaire

a) Medical details and any health issues. For the comfort and safety of all on board it is important we know your full medical details

b) Difficulties: with which we cannot cope e.g. incontinence, certain mobility problems. Our cruises are not suitable for persons suffering from such conditions.

c) Physical fitness: physical fitness to cope with the demands of living on a seagoing boat is required:

i) You must be able to step up about 60cm (all boats differ) from a pontoon onto the boat, climb up and down steep steps between cockpit and saloon, stand when helming (steering), move around the cockpit when boat is moving, climb into and out of a dinghy

ii) If you have concerns about this please consult your GP/medical advisor

iii) Mobility difficulties will not necessarily mean you cannot take part but being honest about your state of health will allow us to crew the boat appropriately.

d) GP/doctor: EAST reserves the right to contact your GP/medical advisor if necessary and to not accept an application if so advised by our Medical Officer and/or your GP or if the skipper believes he cannot accommodate special requirements.

e) Sharing information: It is the responsibility of all crew members to discuss any relevant medical condition or disability with the skipper. Sailing can be demanding and tiring so bearing this in mind it is important to be very frank and honest with the skipper regarding health and medication issues. Eg If medication makes you drowsy it is very important to share this information.

f) Administering medicines and treatments: EAST can accept no responsibility for this. It is responsibility of all crew to notify EAST in writing of any medical condition, medication or treatment that may place them or others at risk during sailing activities and if medication needs to be refrigerated. Sea sickness/vomiting/diarrhoea can reduce the effectiveness of some medication.


13) DATA PROTECTION: EAST collects medical data to allow us to provide safe sailing. Without your explicit consent to process this information EAST will not be able to provide services to you. Consent to take and use photos and for EAST marketing purposes is also needed. Please print and sign a Data Protection Consent Agreement if not already supplied



a) waterproof jacket AND waterproof over-trousers for sailing. It might be possible to borrow a suit from EAST subject to availability. Speak to your skipper after placements have been allocated

b) waterproof/windproof jacket for going ashore (optional if sailing waterproofs are brought)

c) non-slip SOFT shoes/trainers for on board (NO garden wellies, hard soles or high heels on board)

d) “wet” shoes, (jellies or similar) if possible – for going ashore in dinghies

e) sufficient complete changes of clothing including sweaters/fleeces, thick socks, underclothes, etc

f) warm clothing (it can be cold in the wind even if the weather is fine) including woolly hat with tie on string, scarf and gloves (to protect your hands when handling ropes)

g) sun hat (with something to tie it on)

h) sunglasses (with something to tie them on)and sun cream (UV rays stronger at sea)

i) if you wear specs – bring something to tie them on

j) personal wash kit, towel etc.

k) few plastic carrier bags – for wet clothing

l) BEDDING: sleeping bag and pillow unless otherwise advised by your skipper

m) All above in a soft bag/ruck sack. Suitcases are not suitable and will be left behind in a car


0333 088 3278 out of hours

01473 655509 open hours (see calendar), answerphone when closed

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