Danny's Farewell Poem


Five summers have passed us by,
where tails of adventure in young minds lie.
A partnership formed who share the same vision,
showing sailing removes barriers, always our mission.
The Waterside Centre, the community hub,
last minute orders of such tasty grub.
Not without drama’s along the way,
Colin in a paddy with logistics of the day.
EAST’s army of volunteers at the helm,
new Discoverers each season to overwhelm.
Life jackets donned and water proofs too,
a quick reminder have they been to the loo.
Walk on the pontoon Danny makes clear,
last reassurances to take away the fear.
Introduce the boats, the skipper and crews,
various methods to engage and enthuse.
Mainsail up and jib sheets at the ready,
Palgrave Brown at hand to keep us all steady.
Waving reeds, expanse of shore and salt marsh flowers,
what better way to spend two to three hours.
Stimulates the mind, body and soul of everyone who sails,
shared experiences over lunch always prevails .
Walking along the river, dropping onto the shore,
Suffolk Wildlife Trust are there to explore.
Crabs stimulate much discussion; beach combing so new,
team building and bush crafts there’s just so much to do.
With minor adaptions, a little thought and lots of care,
anything is possible to enjoy and share.
A cormorant flies over and observes on a post,
wondering what Discoverers have enjoyed the most.
Unprecedented feeling of fulfilment, achievement and pleasure.
Quiet journey home, memories to treasure.
Instilling belief and a culture of “I can do”
piloting inclusiveness on the waves nationally too.
AU, Fuelcare and the Emma Holloway Foundation,
the young sailing Academy, sharing your knowledge with the next generation.
Sharing some sad times as well some good,
EAST come together like no one else could.
Discoverers thank you all for opening your heart,
it’s experiences like this where our lives really start.
Thank you to everyone, I hope you continue to strive,
remember time and tide keeps ‘Discoverers’ dreams alive.
And finally the anchor man, there is only one,
Bill Smith is his name, he gets the job done.