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Title: The Barclays Round Britain Voyage 2017 with the Jubilee Sailing Trust

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A message from the staff of Barclays

Along with a group of colleagues at Barclays I am looking to raise enough money pay for a trip of a lifetime for myself and a buddy from the East Anglain Sailing Trust - www.east-anglian-sailing-trust.org.uk along with other local charities working with disabled people. We each aim to raise £800. This amount will entirely fund a 4 day sailing voyage with the Jubilee Sailing Trust on a specially designed three masted Tall Ship in April 2017. This voyage is one of 19 “legs” around the UK, helping around 300 disabled individuals, partnering with over 400 Barclays’ colleagues.
The voyage will take us from Great Yarmouth, out into the North Sea and up to Sunderland where we handover to the next group from Barclays in the North East. We will all crew and sail the ship ourselves irrespective of our physical abilities. This life changing experience allows us all to test ourselves in ways we probably never have before, particularly in the North Sea in April, to work as a team in a unique, challenging and exciting environment and to gain a life experience that we never would under normal circumstances.
All 19 of the Barclays team will be using our volunteering days to accompany the disabled people to act as carers and ‘buddies’ throughout the voyage. We hope to build strong and lasting relationships through this experience.
In order to raise money I am going to do a sponsored rowathon and attempt to row across the channel – on a rowing machine in Christmas costume in the main Barclays Branch 1 Princes Street in Ipswich in under three hours on Monday 12th December from 10.00 to 13.00. Anyone who finds themselves in Ipswich please feel free to drop in and help drum up support or just come with words of encouragement.

We really appreciate all your support, please give anything you can to help us reach our individual/collective target, and thank you for any donations