2018 Cruise Dates (and other sailing opportunities) + feedback from last year


We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

We will hold a 3 day weekend cruise for individual visually impaired people from Friday evening 11 May to Monday afternoon 14 May.

As part of the RYA 'Push the Boat Out' week, we will be offering day-sailing opportunities to a number of organisations for blind people from Wednesday 16 May to Saturday 19 May. If you or your organisation is interested in taking part, please contact Trevor Williams on 07872907719.

• We will hold a taster weekend for individual visually impaired people from Friday evening 1 June to Sunday afternoon 3 June.

• During the summer, we hope that individual EAST skippers will be able to offer sailing opportunities to experienced visually impaired sailors, by invitation. We would be pleased to offer an introductory service.

• Our annual 8 day cruise will run from Friday evening 31 August to Sunday afternoon 8 September. Further details will be published in due course.

Plans will change if weather conditions demand.

CHARGES for 2018
All crew are required to make a contribution towards boat costs as follows:
• £75 May weekend (3 nights)
• £50 June taster weekend (2-nights)
• £200 September cruise (8-nights)
INCLUDED are all meals and drinks on board and during the September Cruise, one meal ashore. If you are not a paid-up member of EAST, there will also be a fee for temporary membership of £3 per night for the weekend cruises. You must be a full member of EAST to attend the 8 day cruise.

NOT included are:
a. bar bills
b. transport to and from Suffolk Yacht Harbour

The Skipper of the yacht you are assigned to will contact you before the event to discuss your needs ie special dietary requirements, any physical or medical condition of which he/she should be aware of for safety purposes and your travel arrangements. It is not guaranteed but your skipper might be able to arrange for you to be collected from Ipswich Station.

For kit list and more information go to the 'Essential Reading for Crew' tab on the 'cruising' page.

To take part in a VI Cruise you will need to complete the VI Cruising Application Form & Medical Questionnaire. Priority for the cruise week will be given to full members of EAST.

If you have your own boat and are interested in joining EAST's cruises in company, we would be delighted to hear from you. Further Information is on this website or do contact our Cruise Coordinator Anne Williams on 07868226604.

2017 : Comments from our Visually Impaired crew

• I really didn’t think that sailing would be possible for a visually impaired person. How wrong was I?
• I love it and want to sail for as long as I'm physically able.
• It gives me such a sense of freedom, invigoration, and empowerment. Everyone is so patient, kind and generous. It’s amazing.
• I greatly admire the way so much sailing was made possible on open water and in the rivers despite the constraints of the weather
• Please do not mark me down for using the words Wonderful Brilliant Excellent because it was!
• This cruise, 12 – 15 May, was the best yet
• Had a wonderful weekend and cannot thank you all enough. EAST is an amazing organisation and I am so grateful that you are willing to give up your time and more importantly your sailing time to allow us to share your love and passion
• Yes for sure I would sail again, I wouldn’t change a thing -roll on next year. Thank you all again for an experience that is now an amazing memory for me
• The day sail and the two night sail that I have been on were both very enjoyable, educational, and fun – many thanks.
• I now feel more confident to get involved, control sails and volunteer to help without worrying I'll just get in the way and ask questions. I can also do a couple of knots!!!
• I felt fully included and as able to be independent as possible -but I did get spoilt a bit, which I also liked too!
• I still feel completely exhilarated and more confident in my own abilities! Thank you EAST and especially the skipper and sighted crew on my yacht for making me stretch myself and raise my aspirations!