Training details

As a recognised RYA Training Centre we offer the following courses to our members. (See our calendar for dates-link at the bottom of this page)

RYA Sailability Disability Awareness Training

This one day attendance course provides volunteers with guidance and information about working with people who have disabilities, combining discussion-based workshops and practical exercises. It is strongly advised that all EAST volunteers attend the course, as it will assist with their work within EAST.
Attendees will receive a course notes booklet and a certificate of attendance.
Course duration: 7-8 hours

RYA National Sailing Scheme

Keelboat Level 1 & Level 2 “Start Sailing” & “Basic Skills”

This course suitable for absolute beginners and those with some Dinghy Sailing experience. These two courses teach the basics of sailing a keelboat safely in tidal waters and are run concurrently at the beginning of the season with a combination of classroom and on the water sessions.
Total course duration 3-4 Days / 24-34 Hours depending on level of ability.

Keelboat Level 3 “Better Sailing”

This course introduces techniques that bridge the gap between Basic Skills and the more Advanced Modules and is designed to build the confidence and ability of new sailors to a level that will enable sailing without an instructor in light to moderate conditions.
Total course duration 2 Days /16 Hours.

Advanced Modules

Seamanship Skills

On completion of this course the successful sailor will be capable of manoeuvring a keelboat in a safe and seaman like manner and making seamanship decisions in moderate conditions.
Total course duration 2 Days /16 Hours.

Day Sailing

This course teaches the successful sailor confidence and ability in planning and executing a short cruise in a keelboat in coastal / tidal waters. The course introduces basic chart reading and navigational skills together with communication, meteorology and safety requirements.
Total course duration 2 Days / 16 Hours.

Instructor Training

Assistant Keelboat Instructor

A Course designed for a sailor to be trained to assist qualified Instructors to teach beginners up to Level 2 standard. To take this course the sailor must be a competent Keelboat Sailor preferably up to Level 3 standard and have completed at least one of the Advanced Modules.
Total course duration 2 Days / 20 Hours.

Keelboat Instructor

Full Keelboat Instructor Course run by RYA Coaches and Senior Instructors and is suitable for competent and experienced sailors able to sail in strong winds and possessing a valid First Aid Certificate and a Power Boat Level 2 Certificate. The course also includes management and presentational skills as well as demonstrating sailing and teaching abilities.
Total course duration 5 Days / 50 Hours.

Power Boat Tuition

EAST offers the following RYA Powerboat Courses.
- RYA Powerboat Level 1
- RYA Powerboat Level 2
- RYA Safety Boat
The RYA Powerboat Level 1 /Level 2* course provides an introduction to powerboat handling, as well as information about safety and seamanship when using powerboats. The Level 2 certificate is a pre-requisite qualification for anyone wishing to train as an RYA Keelboat Instructor.

*Candidates must provide a passport-sized photograph for their certificate.

The RYA Safety Boat Certificate is designed to introduce the techniques used in powerboats escorting racing fleets on dinghies and windsurfers, providing safety and rescue cover for training fleets, and assisting in race management. The course will also discuss rescue techniques for canoes, kayaks and windsurfers. The Safety Boat certificate is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to train as an RYA Senior Instructor.
Course duration: 2 days/16 hours (Plus a 2 hour evening class/registration event).

RYA Sailability Achievement Scheme:

This is a scheme for young people recently introduced to sailing to give them encouragement to progress in an achievable and rewarding manner.

The scheme provides 3 levels of achievement - Bronze, Silver and Gold and is not time limited. Participants are asked to complete basic knowledge and ability tasks in a progressive and instructive manner and are awarded a certificate and a badge for each level of achievement; this then provides a record of their progress; gives encouragement to succeed and is a good starting point for those who want to get more involved in sailing.

The scheme is run on normal Young Peoples Sailing Sessions, There is no additional cost involved to the participants other than the normal sailing session charge.

All EAST volunteers and sailors who are interested in progressing their keelboat sailing and power boat handling skills to whatever level should contact the Training Co-ordinator or one of the Instructors. This helps us to ascertain the level of interest in the courses we are offering. However it should be noted that our resources are limited but we will endeavour to provide the courses as popularity demands.

‘Team Sailability’ Volunteer logbook

The ‘Team Sailability’ Volunteer logbook is a national scheme designed to recognise and reward the achievements and work undertaken by volunteers in Sailability Centres. The scheme has four stages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), and participants are only required to complete five elements in order to complete a stage.