A message from Les Rees, who died 23rd Sept 2009

So, EAST is sending off a number of boats this weekend some for the first time and many for the umpteenth time.

I was on the first cruise week that EAST arranged for V I folk and quite a few following on from that.

If your new recruits have as much fun and get as much interest from keeping with the chances that sailing offers, as I was able to do, then they will be happy bunnies and I think a great deal richer as people.

Just remember that it is supposed to be fun, even when you are hiding from a downpour of rain under an old sail in a cockpit without a usable motor.

Remember also you are never alone on a boat, there are many, many of us watching over your shoulders from afar.

I wish you all good weather and the best of companionship.


July 2009