Volunteers holding a cheque from the National Lottery

About us

The East Anglian Sailing Trust is an established and successful charity offering a variety of sailing experiences for disabled and visually impaired adults and children.

The EAST Waterside Community Centre, at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington, Ipswich was made possible by a successful bid for Lottery funding of £50,000. This was opened in April 2011 by Griff Rhys Jones and in 2012 was awarded the status of The Royal Yaching Association (Sailability) Centre of Excellence.

For Visually Impaired sailors, EAST currently provides two weekend cruises and a week long, live aboard sailing cruise where visually impaired sailors from all over the country regularly gain sailing experience with an enjoyable social programme.

EAST has a fleet of nine Squibs, two Sonars and two Yeoman keelboats plus two support boats which are used by disabled adults and children on a regular basis with volunteer support.

Saturday sailing opportunities specifically for disabled younger sailors and their carers are available from May to September.

In recent years the Trust has been able to offer its members additional benefits such as RYA courses leading to sailing and powerboat qualifications.


As foreshadowed at our AGM, and following legal advice, EAST’s trustees have formed a new Charitable Incorporate Organisation. This came into effect from 1st March 2015. This is also called East Anglian Sailing Trust, and has the same trustees and the same objects. All that really changes is our registered number at the Charity Commission, which was 1060465, and is now 1159243 ( from 1st March 2015).

“New EAST” has its own separate legal entity, which will simplify the holding of various assets, in particular the lease of our Waterside Community Centre, and we believe it will also make it easier to recruit new trustees as necessary. The constitution is slightly different from the old one, but is based almost entirely on the model constitution recommended by the Charity Commission. A copy is available below.